1. Introduction to the LENZO Line
  2. Origins of the LENZO Line
  3. Outreach

Introduction to the LENZO Line

LENZO is my paternal lineage and the name I bear. From the outset of my genealogical research, I have concerned myself most with this line. Because I have the strongest personal connection to this line, I continue to focus my efforts here.

Although I have put the most effort into this line, it remains, after two years of research, the one about which I know least. As disconcerting as the lack of findings may be, my research into the LENZO line goes on.

My research here currently focuses on Frank Lenzo, the father of my father. I have uncovered only a little about him and have not progressed to the point where I can make significant conclusions as to his origins or history.

Origins of the LENZO line

I have uncovered very little information regarding the birthplace of Frank Lenzo. The Lenzo name seems prevalent in the Northeastern part of Sicily. Any other Lenzo I have come across has come from this area. The only passenger record that I have found that could be Frank indicates that he may have come from a town called San Gregorio, on the Northern coast of Sicily near Capo d'Orlando. This is very uncertain, however.


I have received a lot of correspondence from other Lenzo's out there. I very much appreciate all of those who have taken the time to write me and I very much enjoy reading your stories. I apologize if sometimes I do not have the opportunity to write back for a while. I have begun construction of a LENZO database containing profiles of LENZO immigrants so as to facilitate all of our research (and maybe even draw connections between various LENZO lines). This project will be a long time coming, but hopefully I can build a signficant resource for research into LENZO genealogy.