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Introduction to the TRONOLONE Line

TRONOLONE was the maiden name of my great-grandmother Elizabeth, the mother of Mildred (Natale) Lenzo, my grandmother. Of the family lines that I am currently researching, the most that has already been done is on the TRONOLONE line. My own research has focused on the family before they came to America.

I have made the most progress on this branch of my family tree. I have been fortunate enough not only to pinpoint the precise city of origin; but even to have visted there. I have traced my Tronolone ancestry just beyond the Nineteenth century.

The family name has two spellings: with one n and with two. The "correct" spelling, as in how it was spelt in Italy, is with two n's; however, since it has long been spelt with one n by members of the family, the one-n spelling is more appropriate when talking about the American Tronolone's. I will use each where it is most appropriate.


I would very much like to hear from other TRONOLONE descendents or researchers. Because the name has, by my records, almost exclusive origins in San Fele, it is very likely that other Tronolone's will find their origins there. Having been to San Fele, I can probably help others who are planning to do research there or just want to know a little about it.