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The TRONOLONE Family Tree

  1. Summary of the Ancestry of Elizabeth (Tronolone) Natale
  2. Elizabeth (Tronolone) Natale
  3. John Tronolone
  4. Elisabetta Pascale
  5. Michele Tronnolone
  6. Rosa Andriaccio
  7. Vito Michele Pascale
  8. Lucia Filomena Di Leo

Summary of the Ancestry of Elizabeth (Tronolone) Natale

I'm sorry if this tree looks cluttered and hard to follow. Browse below to find information on each person.

Elizabeth (Tronolone) Natale

Elizabeth Tronolone was born Elisabetta Tronnolone on 30 January 1898, in San Fele, a small hill-town Northwest of Potenza. Her parents were Giovanni Tronnolone and Elisabetta Pascale. She was born at her family's home at Via Montane, 10, a street that no longer exists in San Fele. She had several siblings, both older and younger. The Tronolone family came to Hoboken, New Jersey, on October 11, 1901.

I know nothing of her childhood or the exact year she married Steven Natale. By 1920, she had two children with Steven, Mildred and Elizabeth. She would later have five more: Josephine, Jean, Gloria, Rita, and Richard. Steven and Elizabeth left Hoboken during the Depression in 1931 and moved to Staten Island.

She helped her husband with the various restaurants he ran and took care of her family. Elizabeth is remembered as being extremely generous and always having plenty of food prepared on Sundays, just in case anyone dropped by the house.

She returned to Italy on September 18, 1964 with her husband and stayed until April 7, 1965, when they returned to New York. Elizabeth died on November 17, 1971.

John Tronolone

John Tronolone was born Giovanni Tronnolone on 11 September 1861 on Via Santa Lucia, in San Fele. His parents were Michele Tronnolone and Rosa Andriaccio. I know very little of John in Italy other than he married Elisabetta Pascale and was a small landowner at the time of the birth of their daughter Elisabetta in 1898.

John and Elisabetta had many children, some of which did not survive infancy. They had seven living when they left for America. They entered the United States in Hoboken, New Jersey, on October 11, 1901. They had six more children after they arrived in America, only three of which lived past the age of eight.

I do not know anything else about John Tronolone, other than that he died in 1943.

Elizabeth Pascale

Elizabeth was born Elisabetta Pascale on 19 May 1865 in San Fele. Her parents were Vito Michele Pascale and Lucia Filomena Di Leo. I know about her only what I know of her husband, John: that she came to America on October 11, 1901.

Elizabeth died in 1938.

Michele Tronnolone

Michele Tronnolone was born in 1834 or 1835. I have found no record of him in San Fele except for the birth record of his son, Giovanni. At the time of Giovanni's birth in 1861, his occupation was as a contadino, a farmer who did not own any of his own land. It is doubtful that he came to America.

Rosa Andriaccio

Maria Rosa Andriaccio was born on 2 April 1842 in San Fele. Her father was Sebastiano Andriaccio (b. 1811 or 1812), a contadino, and her mother was Caterina Pascale (b. 1811 or 1812). It is doubtful that she came to America.

Vito Michele Pascale

Vito Michele Filomena Pascale was born on 11 February 1836 in San Fele. His father was Sebastiano Pascale (b. 1809 or 1810), a shoemaker and the son of Leonardo Pascale. His mother was Elisabetta Corazzi (b. 1810 or 1811). It is doubtful that he came to America.

Lucia Filomena Di Leo

Lucia Filomena de Leo was born on 1 April 1846 in San Fele. Her father was Donantonio de Leo (b.1809 or 1810), a shepard. Her mother was Angela Maria Papa (b.1815 or 1816). It is doubtful that she came to America.